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A community that
Shines with Dementia

Living with Dementia, Living Dreams

Yumetomo Project in Kadoma

Yumetomo Project in Kadoma is a project to create community where people with dementia and the elderly can play leading roles by connecting with a variety of people and organizations, and to create the chain of smiles.

We would like to spread from Kadoma to the rest of Japan and to the world a "city where people with dementia can shine" where people can have hope instead of despair, connections instead of isolation, and dreams instead of giving up.


Received the 5th Japan SDGs Award "Special Prize"!

(at the Prime Minister's Office on December 24, 2021)

Courtesy visit to Governor Yoshimura to report on the 5th Japan SDGs Award

(2022.2.4, Governor's Office, Osaka Prefectural Government)

A lot of people are supporting this project.

Promotional video "Shining and Living with Dementia" (produced by Osaka Emachi Project, 2018)

Project lists of Yumetomo

Yumetomo is working on a "community development project" to link people and organizations

to create the chain of smiles, aiming to create a community where people can shine even after dementia!

TSURUNARIE shinning life


Expo 1000 Days Before Project!

You can make ORIZURU with Yumetomo.

ORIZURU  become a bridge connecting people to people.

And a bridge between people with dementia and society.


Together with people with dementia and the elderly, we are working on the "One Million ORIZURU for Shining Life Project" to welcome visitors from all over the world to the Expo with the aim of creating a society where people with dementia can shine even if they have dementia. We are now working on the challenge to welcome visitors from all over the world who will come to the Expo.


In July 2022, "TSURUNARIE Shinning life" will be held in Kadoma City as a special project 1,000 days before the opening of the Expo. About 50,000 ORIZURU illuminated people's hearts.

We will continue to implement ORIZURU project in the future, so if your organization would like to participate, please contact us by e-mail!

Orange YUME Rings


Let's link with community!

At various locations such as day services, group homes, homes, and Yumetomo Farm, people with dementia and local residents enjoy working together to make "Orange YUME Rings".


These rings express the hope that by connecting everyone in the city together, we can create a community where people can live with a smile and shine, even if they have dementia.


The family members who live with dementia wrote essays about their experiences and their thoughts on the "Orange YUME Rings," which have now been published as a booklet (downloadable from the bottom of this page).

We are now expanding the chain of the Orange YUME Ring by handing them out to people in the community and to various people, including students of the Dementia Supporter Training Course.

Flowers bring people together


Let's make orange blossoms bloom

all over town!

Marigolds have orange flowers, the color for raising awareness of dementia. This activity encourages both people with and without dementia to plant marigold seeds at their homes and businesses, grow them, and connect with each other through flowers.



May many smiling faces bloom along with orange flowers in the city in the fall!



Seeds are planted by senior citizen facilities, day services, businesses, and citizens.

Yumetomo farm